18. April 2017

Smart factory: Why “being unfaithful” may make sense

(image: copyright Knapp / youtube) Electronics manufacturing is a very specialized job with highly complex tasks. As a result, the equipment market is dominated by SMT […]
11. April 2017

Progress! Manufacturers agree on open standard for M2M communication for SMT assembly lines

At last, an open, cross-vendor protocol standard for SMT assembly lines and thus a key building block for process-integration and the Smart Factory. We’ve often criticized […]
10. February 2017
Guidelines for security in the IoT

IT security in Industry 4.0 – New guideline provides food for thought

(image: copyright Plattform Industrie 4.0) Supported by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy, the “Plattform Industrie 4.0” initiative has issued a new guideline: “IT […]
5. February 2017
Flash Memory with Secure Element increase IoT security

Flash Memory with built-in security features: Flexible security for the Smart Factory

(image: copyright a-image) The basis of every Smart Factory concept is machine-to-machine (M2M) communication. Machines, sensors and actuators are connected to each other and with wider […]
18. January 2017

Lack of data standards increases integration costs for users

(image: shutterstock_340734737_copyright_Niklebedev) There are many debates going on about the best way to implement the smart factory. One thing the experts agree on, however: the flexible […]
8. December 2016
Per-Johan Edgren, Manufacturing Process Manager Aros electronics AB

My thrilling visit to Sweden

(image: (c) HighTech communications) Did you think that a smart, highly automated SMT factory is a suitable concept for big, high volume productions only – but […]
14. November 2016

Interview: How smart are the factories of SMT equipment manufacturers?

(Image: ©ASM Assembly Systems) Equipment suppliers for the SMT factory of the future all claim that their products and solutions are smarter, more intelligent and more […]
21. October 2016
Scoop Talk at SMTAi: IoT Call for Standards

IoT: The Call for Standards

Hello, standards for IoT communication were one of the hot topics at SMTAi 2016. In a a round-table discussion Philip Stoten from EMSnow had some interesting […]
17. August 2016

McKinsey study: Surprisingly concrete tips for implementing Industry 4.0

(Image: ©Who is Danny) Without a doubt, business consultants play a useful role. Their studies can provide a “helicopter view” of trends and innovations that many […]
7. June 2016

Bundesministerium fördert Industrie 4.0-Projekte

Elektronikfertiger, die ihre Fertigung in Richtung Smart Factory ausrichten wollen, können solche Projekte u.U. fördern lassen. Mit der Richtlinie zur Förderung von KMU “Industrie 4.0-Testumgebungen – Mobilisierung […]