4. February 2016

Tapeless feeding of standard components

(image: ©ASM) Tape feeders are the well established technology for feeding of standard components . Previously a quick and precise feeding was unthinkable without tapes. But […]
11. May 2016

On the move to the Smart SMT Factory

The video shows some innovative components available today, which enable electronics manufacturers to start construction of the smart SMT factory already . E. g.: Gantries and […]
11. May 2016

The factory of the future needs new support concepts

The networked factory needs new concepts in technical service and support. Support engineers of the manufacturer will have to get access to data and systems in […]
13. May 2016

KUKA robot supports material supply

(image: ©KUKA) The collaboration between robot and operator ( Collaborative Robotics ) is one of the greatest efficiency potential in the Smart SMT Factory – and […]
13. May 2016

“Data interpretation is an issue that keeps me busy …”

(image: ©ASM) I was recently able to interview Hubert Egger, the person in charge of software development at equipment maker ASM. Here are some excerpts: You […]
5. June 2016

Materialfluss organisieren – statt nur Bestände verwalten

(Bild: © ASM Assembly Systems) Wer als Elektronikfertiger etwas fertigen will, braucht die Materialien dafür an der Linie. Je schneller und flexibler gefertigt wird, desto höher […]
6. June 2016

Whitepaper Material Management

Manufacturer ASM has published an extensive whitepaper on material management with a view to an ever more flexible electronics production . As for the products , […]
7. June 2016

Bundesministerium fördert Industrie 4.0-Projekte

Elektronikfertiger, die ihre Fertigung in Richtung Smart Factory ausrichten wollen, können solche Projekte u.U. fördern lassen. Mit der Richtlinie zur Förderung von KMU “Industrie 4.0-Testumgebungen – Mobilisierung […]
2. August 2016

Automation = Fewer Operators?

(Image: ©Blaz Kure) Automation by Wikipedia definition means “the use of various control systems for operating equipment such as machinery (for our interest would mean printing […]
8. August 2016

The Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, the Smart Factory and how these subjects relate to each other

(Image: ©Chesky) First of all, hello everybody here in the brand-new smart smt factory forum. Looking at the community of bloggers in this forum, I’m pretty […]