Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld, born in 1962, has always taken great interest in the subject of technological change in the economy, society and business. This already started when he was a student of economics and communication and he has been keeping track of these topics as a journalist and as managing director of HighTech communications GmbH until today.

“Dark Factory” and “Lights out electronics assembly”?

In one of my recent posts I reported on my visit at CIG (Cambridge Industries Group), an ICT equipment manufacturer in Shanghai. During this visit CEO Gerald (Gerry) G. Wong described his vision of a Dark Factory. Shortly after that Ranko Vujosevic from Texas-based Optimal Electronics Corporation approached me and provided a brief summary on the status of what he calls “lights out electronics assembly”. In his paper originally prepared for SMTA South China 2017 he gives some very good insights on a number of technologies which are aiming at a smart SMT factory with less manual assistance and operators – but at the same time Ranko describes obstacles and a number of issues still not adressed by the equipment manufacturers. Parts of his article have recently been published in Circuit Assembly.

A “must read” in my opinion: Ranko-Vujosevic-Lights out electronics assembly – paper for SMTA-South-China-2017


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