Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld, born in 1962, has always taken great interest in the subject of technological change in the economy, society and business. This already started when he was a student of economics and communication and he has been keeping track of these topics as a journalist and as managing director of HighTech communications GmbH until today.

Tapeless feeding of standard components

(image: ©ASM)

Tape feeders are the well established technology for feeding of standard components . Previously a quick and precise feeding was unthinkable without tapes. But technology is changing: With the SIPLACE BulkFeeder ASM has developed a completely new, tapeless feed for standard components.

Why is this of interest? Tapes are labour intensive and have to be spliced during refill. And: tapes create a lot of waste and dust. Now ASM puts an end to all these disadvantages. The components are just loosely filled into a replaceable cartridge – up to 1.5 million components in sizes 01005-0402 per filling. 1.5 million components per filling means (for most of all SMT lines) no refill, no splicing for a whole shift. With a vibrating mechanism, the components are moved out of the cartridge to a pick-up area. Here their position is detected by the vision system and the components get picked up by the high-precision placement heads and vision systems – without any loss of speed.

More information on the SIPLACE BulkFeeder (press release).
In the videogallery of this blog you will find a video that show how the SIPLACE Bulkfeeder works.

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