Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld, born in 1962, has always taken great interest in the subject of technological change in the economy, society and business. This already started when he was a student of economics and communication and he has been keeping track of these topics as a journalist and as managing director of HighTech communications GmbH until today.

The factory of the future needs new support concepts

The networked factory needs new concepts in technical service and support. Support engineers of the manufacturer will have to get access to data and systems in a networked factory. And more: Technicians have to be able to change settings remotely or to install new software. Thus, the issue of IT security moves into focus.

Here, manufacturers are just at the very beginning – especially because the legal framework in terms of IT security and compliance is far away from being stable.

But there are already solutions. E.g. by launching its Remote Smart Factory Support ASM established an interesting solution. Here a private network (VPN) is set up which connects all SIPLACE and DEK components to the ASM Service Portal. By this ASM technicians get access to all ASM components – but remain strictly separated from the corporate network of the EMS. Another advantage of the solution: via a rights management system it can be precisely defined, which technicians are allowed to access the machines. And: All accesses are accurately logged.

For more details visit the SIPLACE website.

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