Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld
Peter Kronfeld, born in 1962, has always taken great interest in the subject of technological change in the economy, society and business. This already started when he was a student of economics and communication and he has been keeping track of these topics as a journalist and as managing director of HighTech communications GmbH until today.

Whitepaper Material Management

Manufacturer ASM has published an extensive whitepaper on material management with a view to an ever more flexible electronics production . As for the products , the focus naturally is on ASM own solutions. However, the underlying challenges and the approach of enhanced process orientation and process integration are certainly transferable to many electronics manufacturers .

Another nice goodie to readers is the checklist, how managers can identify symptoms of insufficiently integrated material management within their SMT production.

On this ASM page you will find a download link for a PDF of the whitepaper Material Logistics

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