KUKA LBR iiwa Robot Optimizes Electronic Circuit Production

At the ASM in-house Technology Show 2015 held at the SMT Center of Competence in the company’s Munich headquarters to coincide with Productronica in Munich, ASM Assembly Systems – a leading global manufacturer of production solutions for the electronics industry – demonstrated two variants of the KUKA LBR iiwa (intelligent industrial work assistant).

German Chancellor Angela Merkel visits the "Digital Factory"

Angela Merkel experienced Industrie 4.0 at first hand during her tour of the Siemens Electronics Factory in Amberg. The facility is a prime example of advanced product automation and has received numerous awards. The Amberg factory already combines the real and virtual worlds: Products communicate with machines, and all production processes are optimally integrated and controlled via IT.

Fabbrica intelligente Siemens di Amberg

SIPLACE SX - flexibility & extremes

SIPLACE SX: ASM’s placement solution for high-mix electronics production. With the SIPLACE SX, every electronics manufacturer is ready for anything that comes along, whether you have to deal with rapidly changing lot sizes, fast new product introductions, frequent product changeovers, or short-term demand fluctuations.

SIPLACE SX - Capacity on Demand

SIPLACE SX: True capacity on demand
Scale the performance of your SMT lines up or down as needed – quickly and easily

SIPLACE Quality of Placement

SIPLACE Placement Quality – The focus is on your production quality
Many tools assure utmost placement quality.

SIPLACE Optimized Line Balancing

ASM’s “Stars” – the SIPLACE placement heads your professional support for balanced lines.
Fewer placement heads – more flexibility on the shop floor

Fast New Product Introductions

NPI: Our solutions get you going
Modern factories must deal with more and more new product introductions and setup changeovers.
ASM’s solutions help you to manage these efficiently and introduce new products with a high degree of reliability.

SIPLACE BulkFeeder - high speed component feeding without splicing

Innovative component feeding with SIPLACE BulkFeeder
A true sensation: SIPLACE says goodbye to tapes and reels. The SIPLACE BulkFeeder feeds loose components from an interchangeable cartridge – without slowing down the placement process.

SIPLACE Material Tower - compact, fully automated storage system

SIPLACE Material Tower: The compact, fully automated storage system
Compact, fast, and fully integrated into the SIPLACE Material Manager.

SIPLACE Vision System - for maximum placement quality

SIPLACE Vision System: The focus is on the placement quality
The SIPLACE digital vision system is part of all current SIPLACE platforms. It is considered an industry-standard ensureing maximum placement quality and productivity.

SIPLACE Very High Force Head - a true powerhouse

SIPLACE Very High Force Head – More power for placing odd-shaped components

SIPLACE TX - Top quality for high volume production

Faster, smaller, more advanced – the new SIPLACE TX high-end placement solutions
The latest generation of a ASM’s placement modules sets new records in speed, floorspace performance and accuracy for high-volume production applications

ASM ProcessExpert - the first self-learning SMT expert system

ASM ProcessExpert: SMT lines learn and optimize themselves
The ASM ProcessExpert is the world’s first self-learning inline expert system for electronics manufacturing

SIPLACE Vision Teaching System – for quick and easy new product introductions

SIPLACE Vision Teach Station – Teach component shapes without taking up valuable production time
Describe components that are not available in your own or in SIPLACE’s component shape libraries offline in just a few steps.

SIPLACE TwinStar – the specialist

SIPLACE TwinStar – for placing large components with precision
The SIPLACE TwinStar is a high-precision Pick & Place head for the end-of line placement of large and heavy components as well as odd shapes.

SIPLACE Smart Pin Support - optimal PCB support

SIPLACE Smart Pin Support -a fully automated process
SIPLACE Smart Pin Support minimizes positioning errors,
speeds up the process considerably, supports no-stop setup changeovers.

SIPLACE SiCluster MultiLine - multiline setup generation and optimization

Software-supported setup optimization with SIPLACE SiCluster Professional for single lines and SIPLACE SiCluster Multiline is ASM’s answer to challenges such as frequent setup changeovers and changing lot sizes.

SIPLACE SpeedStar – high speed without compromises

SIPLACE SpeedStar – extremely fast
Whether high-volume or high-mix, at the start of the line the name of the game is often pure performance for placing many standard components. This is where the SIPLACE SpeedStar shines, our 20-nozzle high-speed head and the benchmark for performance in electronics production.

SIPLACE MultiStar – one head for everything

SIPLACE MultiStar – flexible like no other
The SIPLACE MultiStar is the world’s finest first placement head that can operate in different modes as needed.

SIPLACE Floating Setup - change setups without stopping

Floating Setup – when flexibility is paramount
With the Split Table Mode option you can split your feeder tables virtually in SiCluster Professional. While the first product (or product family) runs, you set up the next product(s). Your SIPLACE line switches over seamlessly when the time comes.

SIPLACE SX – increase feeder capacity

SIPLACE SX – Capacity on Demand
Increase feeder capacity easily.

SIPLACE X Feeder - for intelligent component supply

SIPLACE X-feeders – basis for innovative setup concepts.
SIPLACE X-feeders have contactless power and data links, can be added and removed while the machine keeps running (plug-and-play), register automatically, download their settings from the machine, and can be equipped with splice sensors.

SIPLACE SX - move capacity freely

SIPLACE Capacity-on-demand – a new, totally unique concept in electronics production.

SIPLACE SX - gantry modularity

SIPLACE Gantry Modularity – The interchangeable placement gantries let you scale placement performance on demand.
In just half an hour you can turn your SIPLACE SX1 into a SIPLACE SX2 and double your performance.

Industry 4.0 - The steps to the Smart #1 SMT Factory

Placing 0201 metric

With the smart solutions from technology leader ASM, placing super-small metric 0201 components is no problem – even in high-volume applications. Prepare your production for the challenges posed by the continuing advances in miniaturization – the DEK and SIPLACE teams are there to help.

ASM Remote Smart Factory – Professional Remote Service-Infrastructure

Troubleshooting and equipment optimization in modern factories require close communication between users and manufacturers with secure access to all relevant information. ASM Remote Smart Factory provides remote access to all ASM line components – easily, globally, cost-effectively, and with total protection for your data and IT networks.